What's OpenVeo ?

OpenVeo is a Node.js and AngularJS CMS. It embeds an HTTP server based on Express framework (Express), a Socket server based on socket.io framework and a plugin loader mechanism.

The core of the system (i.e. without any plugin) offers a simple connection form to the administration interface.

This interface gives access to a limited set of default features:

  • Users management
  • Permissions, roles and groups management
  • Web service management
  • A profile page

Each plugin brings zero to many additive administration pages and zero to many additive public pages.


OpenVeo supports the following SSO (Single Sign On) providers:


OpenVeo is tested on the following operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 16.04

OpenVeo is tested on the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 54
  • Mozilla Firefox 47
  • Opera 42
  • Internet Explorer Edge


Firefox Google Chrome Opera Internet Explorer


Login page

Login page

Back end home page

Back end home page

Back end roles management page

Back end roles page

Back end users management page

Back end users page

Back end groups management page

Back end groups page

Back end applications management page

Back end applications page

Back end settings page

Back end settings page