Download OpenVeo

Actually OpenVeo can be downloaded directly from github:

  • Select the tag you want to download (from version >=4.0.0)
  • Then download the associated archive
  • Deploy the archive on your server


From OpenVeo root directory:

npm install --production

Nb : You will be prompted for some configuration. Don't worry if you made an error, you can edit configuration anytime using advanced configuration.

Launch the application

OpenVeo is now installed. Launch it:

node server.js

Verify that OpenVeo is working

OpenVeo does not have any public pages. Consequently navigating to http://localhost:PORT will lead you to a 404 error page (it's a good sign if it does). To check that OpenVeo is working, try to log to the back end.

Log to the back end

You can now access the back end at http://localhost:PORT/be/login (replace PORT by the port specified in ~/.openveo/core/serverConf.json) using the super admin email and password.